There are 3 ways TO INCREASE YOUR restaurant's sales!

Sell More Slices Will Show You The 3 Ways To Grow Your Sales  
1st - Gain New Customers
2nd - Drive Repeat Visits
3rd - Increase Check Size

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Finally, Marketing That's Trackable & Proven

In 2015, I solved a MAJOR problem for a client that owned a few restaurants: how could they deposit likes? You see, Nick said to me "Matt I Can't Deposit Likes".  Meaning, he wanted PROOF that our digital marketing driving customers into the restaurant and increasing sales.  

This client was like all business owners, tired of spending money on marketing and not knowing what it actually did. SOOOO, the ROI Engine was born. The ROI Engine is a program I created to help prove the effectiveness of our online marketing.  I didn't set out to create a system, I just set out to prove the online traffic was putting 

"Sell More Slices" came about after the huge worldwide success of my 1st book, "Don't 86 Your Restaurant Sales".  This book is an updated version of the 1st one, BUT with ONLY highlighting how these tactics have worked with Pizza Restaurants.  

In the book we give you a step-by-step guide to understanding how to grow your sales through the 3 ways identified above.  PLUS, you'll gain access to an online training course that will will help you build the most powerful marketing system you've ever had for your pizza restaurant.

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Is your restaurant CERTIFIED LEGIT?  

In Chapter 5, a friend of mine, Luis digs into what helps restaurants standout! Luis loves food and he has an eye for what makes restaurants different and keeps customers coming back. 

Sell More Slices & The ROI Engine are a product of Matt Plapp, The ROI Experts & Driven Media Solutions.  For more information contact Matt directly @ 859-743-2408 or

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